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  • Video Features Overview

    Video functionality allows you to record a video of a subject while they are using the system…

    Feb 8, 2020 07:42 PM UTC
  • Hardware & Accessories Overview

    dorsaVi’s hardware consists of two movement sensors, two EMG (muscle activity) sensors, a recording and feedback device,…

    Feb 8, 2020 07:44 PM UTC
  • How to Log In

    To log into dorsaVi's software simply enter your provided username and password into the appropriate fields as…

    Feb 8, 2020 07:45 PM UTC
  • Core Functions Overview

    Feb 8, 2020 07:47 PM UTC
  • Subject Creation and Editing

    After logging into the software you will arrive on either the Subject Selection or Team Home page…

    Feb 8, 2020 07:48 PM UTC
  • Team Home Overview

    The team home screen is designed as a quick way for you to select subjects, but also…

    Feb 8, 2020 07:49 PM UTC
  • Subject Home Overview

    From the Subject Selection or Team Home screen, double clicking the name of a subject will take…

    Feb 8, 2020 07:51 PM UTC
  • Custom Reports Feature

    While in the “View Report” screen you can now customize your report to remove unwanted information from the…

    Feb 8, 2020 07:52 PM UTC
  • Capturing Tests and Navigating Data

    Basic Graph Controls These are the basic graph controls shared across many different sections of the program:…

    Feb 8, 2020 07:53 PM UTC
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