Video Features Overview

Last Updated: Feb 8, 2020 07:42 PM UTC

Video functionality allows you to record a video of a subject while they are using the system and you can use multiple cameras. The video will automatically sync to movement data that is provided by our sensors. This allows you to go back and review the movement data along with the video, helping to give the data context. It is a great way to show a subject exactly how they move with both video and data.

This can be done in both live training and live assessment.

Please ensure that you select the “record video” option as you go through the set up process.

As you go through the fitting process for the sensors, the system will ask you what webcam you would like to use to record the video. Click the plus icon to add additional cameras that you have plugged into the computer via USB. Once you have set up your cameras the software will remember your configuration for next time.

With our monitoring and biofeedback sessions, you are able to remotely video a subject. Once the session has been set up an option to record remote video will appear. Clicking this and following the set up will allow you to record a subject with a webcam. This video will automatically sync to the movement data once the session is offloaded from the RFD for you to review.