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Team Home Overview

Last Updated: Feb 8, 2020 07:49 PM UTC

The team home screen is designed as a quick way for you to select subjects, but also as way to quickly see your subject’s results.

Edit View
The tests shown along the top of the spreadsheet can be changed and removed using the View button. This brings up the Edit View screen. Tests can be enabled or disabled with checkboxes and the order changed by dragging the arrow bar on the right. Press the back arrow to return to the team home page. You’ll see that the tests across the top show the ones you selected in Edit View.

Subjects can be grouped using the tool at the bottom of the team home screen.

Add a new group using the Add button. This brings up the group editing screen.

The name of the group is at the top of this screen. The athletes in the group are in the left list and the athletes not in the group are in the right list. To move athletes across double click their name. 

The checkbox called “Show on program start” will cause this group to load automatically on the Team Home after logging in.

On the Team Home screen use the drop list to select the new group you have created. Now only the subjects in that group are visible on the Team Home screen.

Turn the grouping off by selecting “All” from the group list. This will display everyone in your database.

Traffic Lights
At the top of a column of data is the traffic lights editor. Traffic lights allow you to filter the results of a test in the standard colors of a traffic light.

1. To start editing Traffic Lights click on the small Traffic Light at the top of a column of data.
2. This will bring up the Traffic Lights screen for that column. Press the Add button to add a new traffic light range.
3. Use the color drop list to select a color, then enter the range of values you want to be colored in that color.
4. You can add multiple colors and ranges.

Exporting Data
The data from the Team Home screen can be exported to Excel. On the bottom of the screen, press the save button. This will ask for a file name. Enter a file name and save to a folder on your computer.

Team Screening
Hover your mouse over some cells within the Team Home. Notice that groups of cells together turn green. Double clicking those cells will result in jumping to the matching test profile in Live Assessment.

You can use this method to quickly run through a number of Subjects with the same tests. The system will automatically prompt you through the fitment process when you change subjects or when you select a test that requires a different placement of the sensors.
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