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Capturing Tests and Navigating Data

Last Updated: Feb 8, 2020 07:53 PM UTC

Basic Graph Controls
These are the basic graph controls shared across many different sections of the program:

Zoom out / Zoom In
you can zoom out or into the data by using the zoom icons on the screen. You can also pinch to zoom if you are using a touch screen enabled device.

Click and drag with the left mouse button to pan the view of the graph around. This can also be done with your finger on a touch screen device,

Box Zoom
Click and drag with the right mouse button to draw a box. When you release the right mouse button, the view of the graph will zoom into the bounds of the box. Pressing Zoom Out will zoom out one level.
This feature is only available when the stream of data is paused or when you are viewing results.

Graph Keys
Clicking on the colored graph keys will turn on or off the corresponding lines of data.
Left click turns the data series on / off Right click brings up a menu which will allow you to cycle through 3 view options:
• Lines
• Boxes
• Boxes and lines

Live Assessment
The main Live Assessment screen has the list of tests on the left and the graph on the right.

Test List
Each test profile contains a group of standardized tests. If we look at the Low Back test profile we see a list of these tests down the left hand side of the screen.
Clicking on a test selects that test and displays the following:
• Description of test
• Number of repeats
• Test controls

Test Controls:
• The Play button begins the test. Test can be done in any order and redone if required.
• The Reverse icon repeats the most recent test or test being performed.
• The Stop button finished the test.
• The Forward icon finishes the repeat while a repeat is running. If you are between repeats, it starts the next repeat. This button is only shown in “Manual” repeat test mode.

Completing a Live Assessment
At the conclusion of an assessment a window will pop up alerting you that the assessment has been completed. You do not need to complete all assessments to finish a test however. Test results are always saved so you can return to the Team Home or Subject Home screen at any time. However, a report can only be generated once you have completed at least one test. Once you’ve completed at least one test result the report button will be visible on the Live Assessment screen and in the subject’s history.

Session Analysis
If you are only interested in analyzing part of your monitoring data, you can use the session analysis tool. You are then able to produce a report on this specific section of the data.

Like in Live Assessment, there is a list of tests on the right hand side. Clicking the first test to select it will add a time marker to the graph. This is the part of data that you want to test.

The time marker can be moved by click dragging in the green header box. It can be resized by clicking and dragging in the smaller boxes on either side of the header box.

Some test types have + and x buttons to add and remove multiple repeats of each test. Each added repeat will be averaged into the final result. Once a result for any test has been calculated the report button will become visible.
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