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Starting a Low Back Live Assessment

Last Updated: Feb 10, 2020 09:36 PM UTC
1. From the patient list screen, select the patient you would like to test and select “New Test”. Following the onscreen prompts, select “Low Back” then “Real Time Assessment”.
​2. Push the button on the side of the ViMove2 sensors to turn them on. From the sensor selection screen, tap on the sensors with the corresponding serial numbers. 
​3. Peel the Sensor Adhesives off the adhesive roll and apply to the back of the ViMove2 sensors.
​4. Locate the PSIS by palpating the superior aspect of the iliac spine. When located, mark the PSIS by drawing small circles over them.
​5. Use a ruler to draw a horizontal line through the centers of the PSIS circles and place the pelvic (lower) sensor on the body in landscape orientation directly underneath the line.
​6. Using the Low Back fitment template,place the upper sensor on the patient so it sits at T12/L1 level. Ensure the sensor is placed in landscape orientation.
​7. Once the sensors are attached, ask the patient to bend forward. Next, press down firmly on the sensors and select “I attached both sensors” in the ViMove2 app.
8. Following the on-screen prompts, ensure the top sensor is flashing green and the bottom sensor is flashing blue on the patient. If this is correct, select “Yes” in the ViMove2 app. If the colours are incorrect way select “No, swap colors”.
​9. On the calibration screen follow the on-screen prompts to ensure correct calibration of the ViMove2 sensors.
​10. Select the movements you want your patient to perform and press “Begin” to start the assessment.
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