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Run Monitoring

Last Updated: Feb 11, 2020 06:12 AM UTC
Start A Run Monitoring Assessment
Run Monitoring can be used by assessors to assess client’s running performance outdoors and over long distances. Run Monitoring can capture data for up to 2 hours.

1. Select ‘Run’ Module

2. Select ‘Monitoring’ Assessment 

3. Push sensor button to turn on sensors. Select the sensors for use by tapping sensor image on the screen. Tap ‘Connect to Sensors’

4. Attach sensors following steps 1-4 on screen.

5. Use the slide bar to select the duration of the session

6. Once the Monitoring session has started you can return to the client overview screen and continue to use ViMove2 whilst the monitoring session is in progress.

7. Once session is completed you can download the data. Firstly, make sure the sensors are turned on, then tap ‘Download Monitoring Data’.

8. The device will automatically connect to the sensors.

9. Keep the sensors close to your device until download is complete. This may take up to 20 min.

10. Once Monitoring data is downloaded, tap OK to review session results

Review Run Monitoring Data
The overview screen provides a high-level summary of the results of the Monitoring session. Swipe screen left to view primary metrics GRF, IPA & GCT.

1 Average values.
2 Absolute symmetry index and
3 Normative data.
4 Tap here to shift between GRF, IPA and GCT screens.
5 Duration, speed, distance and cadence values are provided here. 
6 Tap here to manually edit run into smaller sections. 
7 Indicates which segment of edited run has been analysed. Tap here to compare segments. 
8 Tap here to share the Run Monitoring Report. 
9 Tap ‘Expand and Explain’ to understand the metrics and possible implications of findings in more detail. 

Run Monitoring Analysis
Swipe screen up to segment and compare metrics
1 Distance or
2 Time.
3 Select 2 or more metrics to compare by tapping on metric labels. Tap again to deselect.

Run Editing

1 Tap here to edit data.
2 Add up to 8 run segments by tapping ‘+ Add Run’.
3 To change the width of the segment, tap edit, then drag grey bars to re-shape. Tap ‘Save Changes’ to view data for each segmented run.
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