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Run Live Assessment Report Screen in myViMove

Last Updated: Feb 5, 2020 07:13 PM UTC
  1. “Insights” are alerts which are generated during your ViMove2 Run Live Assessment with your clinician. These insights are used by clinicians to identify areas of concern with your ability to maintain an ideal running style.
  2. The “Run Recordings” section of the report lists each running test that was performed during the assessment along with the following metrics:
    • Time: The length of the test your performed.
    • Tag: The descriptor used to identify the running test.
    • ASI: Absolute Symmetry index. This metric measures the percentage of asymmetry between average ground reaction force (GRF) values of the left and right legs (see below for more information on GRF). ASI values closer to 0 (symmetrical values between left and right legs) are more ideal than larger numbers (asymmetrical values between left and right legs) as this indicates that the patient is placing an equal amount of pressure on both legs while running. A percentage value to the right (ex. 4% right) indicates the patient is placing less load on their right leg (on average) during their run test. Meanwhile, a percentage value to the left (ex., 10% left) indicates the patient is placing less load on their left leg (on average) during their run test.As a rule of thumb, ASI values of 5% or lower indicate a very symmetrical running style.
    • GRF (L) & GRF (R): Ground Reaction Force (GRF) is a measure of the force applied y your leg to the ground as you run. Through extensive research it has been found that high values of GRF are associated with increased vertical displacement, which has been shown to reduce running economy.
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