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myViMove in-session Monitoring Screen Overview

Last Updated: Feb 5, 2020 07:23 PM UTC
  1. The “Goals” section allows you to quickly see whether you are achieving the desired level of time for each movement type (Sitting, standing, laying down & active) as prescribed by your clinician. Here’s what each goal type means:
    • Sitting: maintaining a seated position on a chair, couch, etc.
    • Standing: maintaining a stationary standing position.
    • Laying down: maintaining a position where your body is horizontal to the floor.
    • Active: maintaining a non-stationary movement such as walking, running and jumping. 
  2. The “Body Position Break Down” chart gives you a 24 hour overview of your activity during your current ViMove2 Monitoring session. Depending on the movement type, the bar will be filled with different colours to indicate when certain movement types were performed:
    • Dark grey: Sitting
    • Light grey: Laying down
    • Blue: Standing
    • Green: Active
  3. The “Percentage of entire session” section of the report displays the percentage breakdown of each movement type performed during your current Monitoring session.
  4. The “5 Minute Breakdown” section of the screen displays a timeline of activity over the total time monitored, grouped into blocks of movement type. Data is summarised in 5 minute periods and sequential periods with the same dominant body orientation are shown as one period.
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