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Low Back Quick Assessment reports

Last Updated: Feb 10, 2020 09:29 PM UTC
At the conclusion of your Low Back Quick Assessment you will be able to view the assessment data collected during the session.

Overview screen

The overview screen provides a high-level summary of the movement data obtained during a Low Back Live Assessment.
1 Go back to the patient’s profile.
2 View suggested exercises based on the patient’s movements throughout the test.
3 Use these buttons to compare two reports of the same assessment type and share the report.
4 The movement egg is a visual representation of the patient’s major lumbar movements – the standing lumbar tests.
5 Normative data guide based on the patient’s age and gender.
6 Add notes to the assessment report.
7 View the movement data obtained throughout the assessment along with associated insights based on the data values.
8 Share the report.

Suggested exercises screen

The suggested exercises screen allows the clinician to select a range of exercises from the ViMove2 database that they would like the patient to perform. In addition, ViMove2 will automatically select exercises for the patient based on insights gathered during the assessment.
1 Select exercises based on your clinical knowledge and experience of the patient’s condition.
2 This number displays the total number of exercises selected.
3 Press this button to save the exercises so they can be viewed on the patient’s “Exercise Program” and in the patient’s profile on the myViMove app.
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