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Low Back Live Assessment Report Screen in myViMove

Last Updated: Feb 5, 2020 07:09 PM UTC
  1. “Insights” are alerts which are generated by ViMove2 during your Low Back Live Assessment. These insights are used by clinicians to identify areas of concern with your movement or body positioning.
  2. The “Lumbar Movements Overview” is a graphical representation of your range of movement when you bend forward, backward and to the left and right hand sides.
  3. The “All Movements table” displays the results from your ViMove2 Low Back Live Assessment. Each row is a test that you performed with your clinician, while the values representation the range of movement (in degrees) as you performed each test. If you experienced pain during a test, you will also see the pain score that was recorded during the assessment.
  4. The bar chart against each column and row of the “All Movements” table represents the normative values for your age group demographic. The charts show how your data sits on the normative value bell curve.
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