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Knee Live Assessment Report Screen in myViMove

Last Updated: Feb 5, 2020 07:14 PM UTC
  1. “Insights” are alerts which are generated during your ViMove2 Knee Live Assessment with your clinician. These insights are used by clinicians to identify areas of concern with your ability to maintain an ideal running style.
  2. The “Knee Movements” table lists each knee test that was performed during the assessment along with the following metrics:
    • Valgus & Varus: The maximum amount of movement of your shins from the starting position either away from your body (Varus) or toward your body (Valgus) as your perform the test. Lower values for these metrics indicate greater knee control while performing a test.
    • Speed: Refers to the degrees per second attained while performing the test for load and land.
    • Tibial Inclination: The angle of the shin (in degrees) in relation to the foot while performing a test. 
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