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Stability and Balance Movement Challenge

Last Updated: Feb 8, 2020 07:39 PM UTC

The goal of this challenge is to maintain control, stability or balance while performing a range of physical activities. If a subject is controlling their movement well, they will be able to minimise ball movement and keep close to the centre of the target. If they cannot control movement well, the ball will fall off the target.

NOTE: You can add your own tests to this page. Click on the ‘PLUS’ icon at the bottom of the test list and enter the name of your new test, then select ‘OK’. The new test will now be added to the list. You can also change the name of current tests by selecting the ‘EDIT’ icon at the bottom of the test list.
Test Protocol
When you begin the Stability & Balance Movement Challenge you will have a birds-eye view of a platform. This platform represents range of movement in sagittal and coronal planes. The ball on the platform moves with movement of the subject’s lumbar spine. The grid overlaying the target represents range of movement of the lumbar spine. When the sensors are calibrated the ball should be centred at zero in the centre of the grid. On this training screen the subject can practice moving their body and seeing how this relates to the ball on the screen.

1. Ask the subject to practice moving and see how the ball responds on the screen.

2. Select the difficulty of this test by changing the size of the platform:
  –  The centre ring allows 2˚ of movement (‘ADVANCED’ difficulty).
  –  The middle ring allows 10˚ of movement (‘INTERMEDIATE’ difficulty).
  –  The outer ring allows 20˚ of movement (‘BASIC’ difficulty).

3. Press the ‘PROCEED TO ASSESSMENT’ icon on the right side of the page when you are ready to begin the Movement Challenge.

4. On the left hand side of the page you will see a list of functional activities. Select the activity you would like to perform.

5. Ask the subject to assume the start position. Once the subject is ready select the ’CENTER BALL’ icon to position the ball.

6. When the subject is ready, select the arrow icon under the selected to begin the test.

7. As the subject to perform the task for the set time then use the ‘STOP’ button to finish the task.

8. Once the test has stopped you will see the results of your test. The results will include:
  –  The degree of difficulty.
  –  Time taken to complete the tasks.
  –  Number of deviations (deviations occur when the ball falls off the platform).
  –  Orange trace lines which map the movement of the ball throughout the entire test.

9. At this point you can either select another test from the left column or generate a report.
Generating a Report
Open the Report by selecting the report label when a test is complete. The report will show you the activities completed by the subject during that session and the number of deviations. This report also compares these results to previous sessions (if previous sessions have been performed). 
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