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Running Biofeedback

Last Updated: Feb 8, 2020 07:36 PM UTC

dorsaVi’s running biofeedback is used to give real time feedback to an athlete during a run. It can be used either on a treadmill or during a run outdoors.

In a biofeedback session, the feedback is given directly from the RFD. As the data is captured, saved directly to the RFD, it can be disconnected from the computer to measure movement remotely.

The RFD will show the symmetry of the subject’s loading on their left leg versus their right leg on its screen during the course of the run.

At the end of the biofeedback session, the RFD is connected back to the computer and offloaded for the data to be viewed, analyzed, and a report generated.

Starting a Biofeedback Session
1. Double click on the subject’s name.
2. Click on the Running Application.
3. Click on Biofeedback.
4. Select sensor placement and configure.
5. The Session Set up screen opens. Set up the session.
6. The session has started. Press the Next Button and disconnect the RFD.

Recording a Biofeedback Session
Once disconnected, the RFD screen displays an image with a ‘START’ button on bottom left of the screen.
When the subject is ready, press the Start button and the RFD will start recording.

A Pause and Stop button is seen on the RFD screen along with the data that is getting recorded. Pause is used for multiple intervals within the same recording session.
When the interval is completed press Pause.

When ready to start the next interval press Resume. The RFD restarts recording. In a session, a set of 2 or more intervals can be recorded.
Press Stop to end the session.

On Pressing Stop the Summary screen is displayed which has the Time, GRF(L), GRF(R), ASI summary for the session.
Now the session can be offloaded into the software.

Offload Data
Reconnect the RFD, navigate to the Subject Home Screen and click on Offload.

View Data/Report
On the subject’s History, press the graph ion the view the data from the Biofeedback session. Clicking the magnifying glass icon will let you analyse the data. To view the report for the session click the report icon.
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