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Range and Speed Movement Challenge

Last Updated: Feb 8, 2020 07:37 PM UTC

Test Protocol
When you begin the Range & Speed Movement Challenge you will start on a ‘training mode’ page. On this page you will see a ball in the centre of the spoke and 8 pathways running in different directions. The ball is controlled by the movement of your subject’s lumbar spine. The aim of the challenge is to roll the ball along each of the 8 spokes, moving as far and as fast as you can. You must also try to keep the ball on the pathways, and avoid falling off the edge. You may move down the spokes in any order. For example, you may ask your subject to perform the single plane movements first: flexion, extension, left and right lateral flexions and then complete the four combined movements, flexion / lateral flexions and extension / lateral flexions.

1. Ask the subject to practice moving and see how the ball responds on the screen.

2. Following a quick practice, ask the subject to centre the ball if it is not in the centre of the pathways.

3. When the subject is ready to start the challenge, press ‘BEGIN’.

4. As soon as you press ‘BEGIN’ the timer will start.

5. Ask the subject to move as far and as fast as they can through the challenge, trying to roll down each path without falling off. If the ball falls off the path, the ball will return to the position where it fell.

6. When the subject has completed a movement down each you have the option to ‘REPEAT’ or ‘FINISH’ the test.
Choosing ‘REPEAT’ will allow you to perform the movement challenge again, there is no limit to the number of repeats for this option.
Choosing ‘FINISH’ will take you to the Score Screen. Here you can see the subject’s time and speed of movement (measured in degrees / second). You will also be able to see the subject’s range of movement in each of the 8 directions or movement planes. The shaded area over the pathway is a Movement Map, designed to provide a visual representation of your subject’s range of movement.  The current and previous sessions appear in different colours.
Generating a Report
The first page of the report contains a movement map with current and previous sessions displayed. You will also see a score which is the sum of the degrees of movement achieved along all paths. The total time is also provided. The following pages display range of movement in each direction, plus a comparison to past sessions. The report will automatically be saved to the subject’s Home Screen and can be accessed at any time.
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