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Low Back Monitoring

Last Updated: Feb 8, 2020 07:31 PM UTC

In a monitoring session the data captured by the RFD is saved directly to the RFD. This means the RFD can be disconnected from the computer and measure movement remotely.

At the end of the monitoring session the RFD must be connected to a computer and offloaded before data can be viewed, analyzed or a report generated.

Starting a Monitoring Session
1. Navigate to the Subject Home screen.
2. Click on the Low Back Application.
3. Click on Monitoring.
4. Select sensor placement and configure.
5. Select a session length using the slider.
6. Proceed through to the ‘Ready to Go’ screen then press next.

Now Recording
The RFD is now recording to its internal memory. You can check this by looking at the RFD button in the software. It should have a red recording symbol on it.

The buttons on the Subject Home screen have now changed to show your options as you are conducting a Monitoring Session. At this point you can unplug the RFD and use it and the sensors away from the computer.

Ending a Monitoring Session
To end the Monitoring Session you have to offload the data. There are several ways to do this:
• Go to the subject’s home screen and click on offload icon.
• Try to start a Session with another Subject and the software will ask you to offload.
• Click on RFD status icon and click on offload.

Offloading may take a few minutes. In general, the longer the session the longer it will take to offload.
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