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Low Back Quick Assessment reports

Last Updated: Feb 9, 2020 06:39 PM UTC
At the conclusion of your Low Back Quick Assessment you will be able to view the assessment data collected during the session.

Overview screen

The overview screen provides a high-level summary of the movement data obtained during a Low Back Live Assessment.

1 Go back to the client’s profile.
2 View suggested exercises based on the client’s movements throughout the test.
3 Use these buttons to compare two reports of the same assessment type and share the report.
4 The movement egg is a visual representation of the patient’s major lumbar movements – the standing lumbar tests.
5 Normative data guide based on the patient’s age and gender.
6 Add notes to the assessment report.
7 View the movement data obtained throughout the assessment along with associated insights based on the data values.
8 Share the report.
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