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Knee Live Assessment screen

Last Updated: Feb 9, 2020 07:51 PM UTC
1 End the current assessment without saving the session data.
2 The side panel lists all knee tests to be performed in the assessment.
3 Average varus and valgus ranges across all repetitions in a test are displayed against the test name.
4 Test name and protocol.
5 ​Finish the current assessment and save the session data.
6 Varus and valgus data obtained from each repetition performed during the assessment are recorded against the repetition.
7 “Over time” displays the most recent repetition’s movement data over the length of the test.
8 ​Reference values for the most recent repetition recorded.
9 ​Client’s knee test data for the most recent repetition recorded.
10  “Bird’s eye view” displays a top-down view of the most recent repetition’s deviation of knee movement from the center point.
11 During a Live Assessment, pressing this button will display a detailed view of the data you have collected during the current Knee Live Assessment.
12 The data line displays the sensor’s gyroscope movement data.
13 “Start Capturing” and “Stop Capturing” are used to record movement data as a repetition against the selected test. Multiple repetitions can be performed for each test by repeating the start and stop capturing process for each movement in a test.
14 Select this button to move onto the next Knee test.
15 Selecting a repetition performed during the assessment will display this button. Pressing this button will delete the repetition from the assessment.

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