Low Back sensor placement

Last Updated: Feb 8, 2020 02:00 PM UTC
1. Find the dimples at the base of the employee’s spine as per the image above. Mark dimples with pen if required.
​2. Use a ruler to draw a horizontal line
through the two dimples.
​3. Peel sensor adhesives off roll and apply to the back of the myViSafe sensors, then take off the tape to place the sensor onto the body.
​4. Lightly place the lower sensor (green light) horizontally on the lower back below the horizontal line with the sensor light located in the top right hand corner.
​5. Use the sensor fitment to place the upper sensor (blue light) on the employee. Ensure the upper sensor is placed above the upper line for the employee’s height.
6. Apply the Sensor Overwraps over the myViSafe sensors as per the image above.
7. Ask the employee to bend forward. Now press the sensors on firmly.