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Low Back Assessment results screen

Last Updated: Feb 8, 2020 06:19 PM UTC
Bar Chart
In the bar chart view, the data is grouped into levels of range of movement (ROM) risk as a percentage of the entire assessment duration. The goals indicate the proportion of time that should be spent in each risk category. The “>” goals identify risk categories that the employee should try to exceed, while the “<” goals indicate risk categories that the employee should keep under with regards to their percentage of movement.

Heat Map
In the Heat Map view, the movement data is mapped onto a 2 dimensional egg to pinpoint high risk movements. The egg displays a cumulative total of all movements throughout the assessment. The green center of the egg represents low risk movement, the amber area represents medium risk movements, and the red area represents high risk movements.

Each direction on the egg represents a type of movement performed by the employee:
  • Upwards direction: flexion
  • Downwards direction: extension
  • Left direction: left lateral flexion
  • Right direction: right lateral flexion
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